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Debunking Common Ranching Myths

Myth 1: Small Ranches Don’t Make A Difference This myth argues that small farms and ranches really don’t impact the economy or local food supplies. However the reality is that small farms of up to 150 acres make up the vast majority of the agricultural industry. Small farms and ranches sell to larger distributors, as… [ view more ]

Ranching In The Summer

The higher temperatures and longer hours of sunshine can have an effect on cattle and their daily needs. As a result, summer can be a difficult time of year for many ranchers. The heat, the summer sicknesses, the cost of labor, etc.  It is wonderful that the cattle get to spend more time outside, but… [ view more ]

What are the Types of Ranching?

Ranching is a method of raising cattle or other livestock on pastureland. Although the term has become associated with the U.S., it’s also practiced around the globe.  In some countries, ranchers raise their animals in large open spaces, while in others they tend smaller herds in enclosed areas known as corrals. In India alone, over… [ view more ]

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