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Where does ranching originate from?

Have you ever thought about where ranching comes from? Well, according to the National Geographic, ranching dates all the way back to 1000 CE. It is true that people raised livestock during the Middle Ages, however, this was usually only in small numbers and on small areas of land. It was not until later years… [ view more ]

What is the Difference Between Farming and Ranching?

What is the difference between farming and ranching? This is a question that may seem obvious to those involved in farming or ranching. However, people who aren’t may not find the answer to be so obvious. A farm and a ranch can both be described as a large piece of land that is used for… [ view more ]

What cattle breed is the most profitable?

According to Successful Farming there are more than 250 different cattle breeds in the world, 80 of which are available to producers in the U.S. There is no doubt that breed type has a considerable impact on the efficiency and profitability of the cattle production industry. So, what makes a cow profitable? Here are some… [ view more ]

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