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4 Books Every Rancher Should Read

Books are one of the greatest educational resources that we have available to us. Being able to raise cattle and produce top quality beef in today’s world requires a rancher to be a life long learner.

You may be a little overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on the internet and in books and that’s why we have compiled a short list to help you get started. 

Storey’s Guide to Raising Cattle Beef

There is no doubt that this book us very well known among the cattle ranching industry and has been referenced many times. The book provides expert advice on many of the different aspects of cattle ranching. There are different sections which discuss breed selection, calving, feeding and anything else you would need to know. This book is not just for those beginning their ranch journey but could also be of help to experienced ranchers as well.

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Range Management: Principles and practices

Taking care of your land us a major part of running a successful ranch. Range Management is a great introduction into the science of range management. The key principles and best practices of range management are covered in this book. Practical applications and scientific studies and combined to make it very easy to understand.

Humane Livestock Handling

This book outlines how to provide a stress-free environment for your cattle and what it involves. It looks at understanding the natural behavior and temperament of the cattle in order to do so. The author discusses the best ways for moving cattle in the pasture, the paddocks and feedlot pens. The book includes plans and diagrams from constructing the right facilities on your ranch.

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The Cattle Health Handbook

One thing that is bound to happen is that eventually one or more of your animals will get sick. You can save yourself a lot of money, that would otherwise be lost in revenue and vet bills, by knowing the signs of illness and how to treat them. 

The information covered in here tells you how to identify and treat any of the common injuries or sickness that you will encounter on the ranch as well as some that may not happen that often. It also covers the causes of certain ailments giving you information on possibly how to prevent them from happening again.

We hope that this blog has given you some helpful guidance. If you have any questions or queries about ranch real estate in Northern California or any of our ranch property listings, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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