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Is owning a ranch profitable?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no but is dependent on a number of factors.Firstly, it must be considered that the profitability of a ranch will be somewhat determined by the price of cattle at a given time. Cattle prices are generally cyclical and tend to rise and fall every… [ view more ]

Best Place to Buy Land in Northern California in 2021

One of the most attractive features about Northern California is the diversity of the land available for investors. California has something to offer for everyone, whether you want to buy land for ranching or to hold money as a long-term investment, California is sure to have something for you! In particular, Northern California has a… [ view more ]

How Much Does a Ranch Cost in California?

Buying land in California is a smart way to make profits from a relatively hands-off investment. Land is quite a low risk, inexpensive investment as there are very few holding costs, other than tax, so it can be a smart way to hold cash for periods of time. Similarly, once you buy land, it is… [ view more ]

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