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Ranching Tech Trends To Watch In 2022

The last few years have exposed global supply chain fragility and transformed the way many do businesses, including ranchers. As the COVID-19 pandemic played out, the vulnerabilities in the food system became clearer and the farm-to-consumer infrastructure brokedown. However, resilient companies and ranches who were ready and willing to change and shift with technology changes… [ view more ]

How The Drought Has Affected Ranching

2021 has been a difficult year for many ranches, with some of the driest conditions in generations. This drought has followed a winter of very little snow and a spring with very low levels of rainfall. The areas affected include the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Intermountain West and even the Northern Plains.  Some states… [ view more ]

How many hours do ranchers work?

Ranching is a full-time job and requires a lot of dedication. Based on data gathered by Insider, the average American works almost 40 hours a week. However, any rancher will tell you that this is not a reality for them. In fact, ranchers typically work 50.1 hours per week. To put this into perspective, paramedics… [ view more ]

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