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Buying A Ranch Property in Northern California

Buying A Ranch Property in Northern California

Buying a ranch is something you may want to consider if you plan to retire in the west or just want to move away from city life to enjoy rustic rural life. Whatever the reason, a ranch is one of the best ways to enjoy the west.

As a ranch owner, there are many benefits waiting you. You can lease part of the land to a cattle rearer and then fail to develop the remaining portions. This act will save you thousands of Dollars in property taxes. It is a technique applied by many ranch owners so that they would be able to conserve money in their assets management.

You may also qualify for the governments state land conservation plan. If you participate in this plan, you can have about 30% tax rebates. The only thing you will have to do is to leave portions of the land undeveloped. The idea is that by leaving that portion undeveloped, you are helping the government in the conservation of the rural area and therefore deserve to be compensated.

As the price of land in the cities increase. Many wealth men move to the rustic areas of the country where land is cheap and the environment is serene. Mostly they are moving out to Northern California where they are putting up large ranches for several purposes. The purchase of the land gives the owner the opportunity to receive financial incentives like the tax rebates and at the same time use the land for a farm. As a farm, the owner has access to large tracts of pasture on which the cattle can feed and water bodies from which he can fetch and feed the cattle. They will not have to acquire portions of land again to build their barns as the same ranch can be divided and a certain part of it used as a barn. Owners who go into horse breeding can also be able to use the same hay they get from the pasture to feed the horses.

You can use the ranch for recreational purposes too. People can hunt or fish on your property for a fee. If you want to use the ranch for hunting purposes, the location would be a very important factor. The area will have to be wooded and full of wildlife. The hunters should not walk miles before they have their first game. They should be able to spot antelopes and other animals within a few steps. A good hunting round must also have streams and enough vegetative cover so the wild animals would be pleased to live there. If it is for fishing, a water body must be close by. You can have a stream, creek or river. But be sure that the stream has the kind of fish that people would like to go for. Anglers have their own preferences and it would be good that they are able to find their preferred catch.

If the place is going to be used for a dude ranch, you will have to do further work. Though you may need to maintain the rustiness of the place by keeping the log or cabin home, you will have to add some few extra conveniences. The dude ranch is going to appeal to urban dwellers and will have to be fitted and equipped as such. You can have the cattle and the horses within the same ranch but be sure they are placed apart – they could be a few meters away from the residential facilities. For equestrian purposes, you need a flat land with beautiful or scenic surroundings. The place must have easy access for vehicles foe provide many modern amenities.

Investing in ranches is becoming very popular amongst investors of late. Many people are looking to retire in these places and therefore drive up the cost of these properties. Whether for residential purposes, commercial or recreation, investing in a ranch always pays off.

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2 thoughts on “Buying A Ranch Property in Northern California

  1. Growing up in southern oregon, I am familiar with the beauty of northern california and the many ranches that surround the region. thanks for your article. it’s always great to bring attention to an area unlike any other in the united states.

    Michael N / klamath falls, oregon

  2. Investing in a ranch is a great way to retire. I like what you said about using the ranch for recreational purposes. My friend wants to buy a ranch, so I’ll help him find a good realtor.

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