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Willow Creek Ranch SOLD

Property Description

This beautiful California ranch is located in northern Siskiyou County and supports 150 cows year-round. Its 726+ acres provide a good mix of fertile bottom ground for hay and pasture, as well as grassy hills that can be utilized for grazing in the spring and feeding grounds in the winter. Majestic Mount Shasta stands guard to the south and offers breathtaking views on crisp, clear, mountain days. Irrigation water can be diverted from the creek or pumped from an Ag well at the upper end of the ranch and fed into the buried pipelines that distribute it to the many fields and pastures. Two homes, a shop, working corrals, and plenty of hay storage round out the necessities of this turnkey working cattle ranch.


The ranch holds a permit from the Department of Fish and Wildlife authorizing three quarters of the waters of Willow Creek be diverted for irrigation purposes. A 15 inch pipe brings the water to the ranch from the neighboring property. When surface water flows are inadequate to meet the irrigation demand, groundwater is utilized to fill the void. The well produces 1500 gallons per minute and is pumped using a PTO driven turbine, powered by a diesel motor.

The irrigation system is thoughtfully laid out and constructed, with ease of use and low maintenance in mind.

The system also helps to keep storm water drained in the winter.

Tail water from the upper fields drains into lagoons where it can be put back into the system to irrigate the lower fields.

In addition to the irrigation water system there is plenty of stock water supplied by wells and tanks throughout the ranch.


Cattle Equipment

Excellent Powder River handling equipment. Entire set up is on concrete – tub to chute.

Features include palpation cage, sweep tub, and walkway along the serpentine lead up.

Plenty of room to work the herd in this well thought out set of corrals. Steel posts with sucker rod fastened to posts by steel loops which allows for expansion and contraction.

Covered Scale House

15,000 lb Powell – digital livestock scale. Slam gates on both ends. Great for check weighing cattle, or, get it certified and sell your calves directly off the ranch!


Main house 3206 sq. ft. w/garage
Caretaker home 732 sq. ft.
Livestock barn 7200 sq. ft.
Hay barn 7000 sq. ft.
Equipment barn 4700 sq. ft.
Shop 1500 sq. ft.
Fuel shed 200 sq. ft.

Several species of wildlife can be found on the property. The outdoor enthusiast will enjoy upland game birds, waterfowl and large game including deer and antelope.