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Little Shasta Ranch REDUCED

Property Description

Litle Shasta Ranch

At 1,488 acres the owners state that the ranch can handle 800 pairs or 1,500 yearlings for the summer season. Nearly 1,000 acres is under irrigation.


Irrigation water is supplied by the Montague Water District which generally starts delivery in May and continues through September, depending on the winter storage. In addition to the surface water deliveries there are two Ag wells on the property. Both wells are equipped with 30 hp submersible pumps and are reported to deliver 700 gpm each. The ranch utilizes a combination of flood irrigation and wheel lines to deliver the water to the fields.

Litle Shasta Ranch


There are four homes on the ranch that provide more than enough room for family, friends and employees. The main house is a 3 bed, 2 bath, +/- 2000 square foot home that sits high on the hill overlooking the feedlot and pastures.

Additional homes

  • +/- 1350 sq. ft. 3/2
  • +/-1800 sq. ft. 3/1.5
  • +/-600 sq. ft. 1/1
Litle Shasta Ranch

Additional Infrastructure

  • 1500 head capacity feed lot
  • Four hay barns (estimated capacity of 2500 ton)
  • Grain silos (500 ton capacity)
  • Two sets of working corrals (steel construction with hydraulic squeeze at both)
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Barn (complete with tack room)
  • 10,000 gallon fuel storage (gas and diesel.)
Litle Shasta Ranch
Litle Shasta Ranch


  1. 2000 sq. ft. main home
  2. 1350 sq. ft. home, feed mill, hay barns and corrals
  3. Small feedlot pens
  4. Large feedlot pens
  5. 1800 and 600 sq. ft. homes – 2nd set of corrals
  6. Ag well with 30 hp pump
  7. Ag well with 30 hp pump

red – Property Boundary
blue – District Irrigation Ditch


Conveniently located 10 miles east of Interstate 5 in the heart of the spectacular Shasta Valley. Nearby Yreka is the county seat and provides most of the services to the area, although many locals make the short 40 mile trip to Oregon for supplies.


Mostly class three soils under irrigation. Suitable for growing pasture or alfalfa. Lesser quality soils on the hill ground produce spring grass and is typically grazed while hay is being taken off of the better ground.

Little Shasta Ranch
Map is for informational purposes only. Boundaries are approximate